Drivers License Issues

Drivers License Issues in Indianapolis

We understand the importance of mobility. So we help the individuals who are facing drivers license issues in Indianapolis. Our expert team will chart out the best way to obtain your driving license back.

Suspended Licenses?

Perhaps your license was just suspended by OVWI/DUI charges? Are you a Habitual Traffic Violator? Maybe you lost your license for life? We can help!

If you’re suspended, no matter for how long, you may qualify for Specialized Driving Privileges. This will allow you to get to/from work, doctors, child care, schooling, or any other “essential” activity in your life. No, going to the bar is not “essential” unless you’re employed there.

Am I eligible for SDP (Hardship License)?

Most likely! Here’s a short list of people who are not eligible.

  • If you have a CDL;
  • If you’ve been convicted of any 4(a) offense (basically vehicles offenses resulting in death or serious bodily injury to someone);
  • If you have never received a valid license;
  • If your suspension is due to refusing a certified chemical breath test;
  • If you have ever violated a hardship license or SDP before.

If you were not disqualified by that list, you’re eligible for Specialized Driving Privileges (Hardship License)!

What Are Specialized Driving Privileges?

Basically, it allows you to drive on a suspended license for essential needs. This includes going to work, doctors, food shopping, taking the kids to school, etc. It’s not a way for you to head to the bar!

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