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If you are charged with a narcotics offense, it is important to move quickly to put you into the best position to defend yourself against the charges.  All narcotics charges are felony charges, and can cause serious problems for a person’s ability to find a job, money for school, and even housing.  We can help you if you are charged with a narcotics offense by examining the evidence that the State claims it has against you, and aggressively challenging it whenever possible.  For example, it is necessary for the State to present evidence of proper forensic testing and the chain of custody for the evidence before it can be admissible at trial.  Failure to properly do this can be a basis for arguing that the alleged narcotics are not admissible against you at trial. If you require the help of an Indianapolis Narcotics Attorney, get in touch with us. We will look into your case and suggest the best legal measures for you.

Many narcotics arrests rely on the testimony of confidential informants who participated in controlled buys with the goal of arresting a particular defendant.  Confidential informants are often criminals themselves, and unreliable as witnesses.  They are often the only witnesses to the alleged drug transaction, and aggressive investigation into their identities can often force the State to disclose their identities and call them as witnesses at trial.  This can be of great benefit to you, as the jury would be made aware of the nature of any charges that were dropped or any cash payments that the informant received for cooperating with the police.  This calls the informant’s bias and credibility into question, and can lead to an argument that the State can’t meet its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Other narcotics arrests are made when an individual is arrested on another charge and searched subsequent to arrest and they have prescription medications that are not in a proper pill bottle.  Under Indiana law, it is illegal to transport prescription medications in anything other than the prescription bottle given to you in the pharmacy.  Thankfully, this type of narcotics charge is easy to have dismissed, as proof that you were legally authorized to have the medication by producing your physician’s prescription will usually resolve the charges quickly.

Your case is not hopeless.  We do not give up on my clients, and you should never give up as long as you have a fighting chance for a good outcome to your case.  We can help find that good outcome for you, and we look forward to the opportunity to help you with these charges.

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