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A major felony under Indiana law is typically considered to be any crime that results in serious injury to a person or property. Major felonies can carry prison terms of up to sixty-five years in prison, or possibly even life without possibility of parole. Some examples of major felonies include arson, forgery, robbery, burglary, child molestation, rape, and murder. Some lesser crimes can also be enhanced to become major felonies depending on their circumstances, such as battery, if the victim is alleged to be seriously injured, or reckless driving, if somebody has been injured by the driver. If  you need help from a Indianapolis Major Felony Attorney, feel free to get in touch with us.

If you are convicted of a major felony, there are several penalties facing you beyond the risk of imprisonment. You will lose your right to possess or own a gun, and if you are caught with one you will face an additional major felony charge. You will find it increasingly difficult to find employment. You may be required to register on a violent or sexual offender registry. You may lose your right to live where you want to live. You may lose the right to see your children.

We can help.

Being charged with a major felony is a serious matter, but the rules of evidence still apply to your situation. You are still entitled to a trial by jury. You are still entitled to have evidence that was illegally obtained excluded from trial. You are still entitled to confront the witnesses against you, and to challenge their statements. You are still entitled to an attorney who will fight for you, rather than one who will quickly counsel you to plead guilty without explaining the consequences to you.

We have devoted my practice to helping people who have found themselves accused of committing a crime, and we will help you. We will examine the evidence the State claims it has against you for any factual or legal problems that can be used to build a defense to your charges. We will interview the witnesses alleged to be against you. We will make sure that you are treated like a person, not like a criminal who is guilty until proven innocent. Call me immediately if you or someone you care about has been charged with a major felony offense so that we can start the process of making sure that the best defense available is the best defense presented.

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