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Forgery in Indiana is an enhanced type of theft that involves presenting some type of written document, usually a check, with a false signature. As checks are becoming less and less common, there have been an increase in forgery attempts using stolen credit cards, as many stores are not particularly concerned with making sure that the person using a credit card is who they say they are. While this crime is usually attempted as part of an effort to illegally obtain money or property from another individual, the offense can also include identity theft if you are accused of using another’s personal information to obtain a credit card, loan, or apartment lease. If you are facing such an accusation and are looking to get legal help from a competent Indianapolis forgery attorney, feel free to get in touch with us.

Proving a forgery offense typically relies on eyewitness testimony and the handwriting sample on the recovered evidence. Eyewitness testimony can be properly challenged with an effective investigation into the circumstances surrounding the witness receiving the forged document, and handwriting experts can be hired to attack whether the allegedly forged signature is in your own handwriting. It is very important to start the process of challenging this type of evidence as soon as possible, as many eyewitnesses become more certain of their earlier statements as time passes and it can take time to obtain a proper handwriting analysis.

If you have been accused of a forgery or identity theft crime, you need to contact me as soon as possible so that the appropriate steps can be taken to preserve your defenses. The witnesses that are claiming to have seen you at the scene of the crime need to be interviewed immediately to preserve any inconsistencies in their stories for trial. If it is necessary to hire a handwriting expert, this should be done as soon as possible to place you into the best position with regards to any negotiations that will be conducted with the State regarding the quality of the evidence against you.

Even if it is not possible to challenge the evidence against you, because forgery is an enhanced form of theft it may be possible to have the charges reduced back down to theft, which is a less severe offense, under certain circumstances. A competent and qualified attorney can examine the facts of your case and help you to determine what defenses are available to you at this difficult time. We will help you with this investigation, and will work to prevent you from being overwhelmed by the system.

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