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Credible Eyewitnesses Are Key to a Fair Trial; Unreliable Eyewitnesses Can Be Key to an Acquittal

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Research Shows That Human Memory Is Fallible Scientific studies almost unanimously conclude that eyewitness testimony is unreliable due to the inability of the human mind to capture and preserve memories in the same way a camera does. Several factors affect an eyewitness’s ability to recall information, including: The passage of time – Memory decay occurs […]

Indiana Weapons Offenses: The Many Ways a Gun Can Get You in Trouble With the Law

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Indiana Weapons Offenses Are Numerous But All Are Treated Seriously Gun-related crimes have spiked in the Midwest in recent years, especially in Chicago, and Indiana gun dealers have been tagged as the source of many of the guns used in the crimes. A 2009 University of Chicago Crime Lab report indicated that 20 percent of […]

Bad Medicine: Prescription Drug Crimes in Indiana

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Prescription Drug Abuse Is a Serious Public Health Concern Prescription drug abuse is growing at alarming levels across the United States. Indiana has the 17th highest drug overdose death rate in the country. Deaths resulting from prescription drug use outnumber heroin and cocaine deaths combined. Prescription drug use and abuse costs the country approximately $53.4 […]