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Be Careful When Dumping Your Trash

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Illegal dumping a crime? If you are still dealing with piles of empty boxes and bags of shredded wrapping paper after the holidays, you may be wondering what you’re going to do with all of it. In many communities, trash pickup is just once a week or even every other week. In some areas, waste […]

“Selfie” Arrests on the Rise

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Selfies are quite popular, and social media has only made them more so. Unfortunately, selfies are not always fun and hazard-free. In some tragic cases, people have lost their lives while taking a selfie – usually while driving. According to one media report, more people were killed in selfie-related incidents than shark attacks in 2015. […]

Football Fans Take Team Spirit Too Far

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People in Indiana know a thing or two about sports rivalries. Although most “bad blood” in sports is limited to banter and (mostly) good-natured verbal sparring, some fans take things too far.

Supreme Court Testing New Pre-Trial Release Program


Pre-Trial Release Program In what could amount to a huge and welcomed change to our criminal justice system, the Indiana Supreme Court is going to test a program allowing certain offenders to be released pretrial without having to pay a bail. Ten counties are interested in participating in the pilot project – Allen, Bartholomew, Hamilton, Hendricks, […]

When Does “Being Drunk in Public” Become Public Intoxication?

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Drunk in public becoming public intoxication Anyone who has dined in a restaurant or enjoyed a few drinks in a bar has probably seen someone who indulged in alcohol a little too much. Perhaps you have even seen a patron become a bit too loud or even belligerent.