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Are Police Using License Plate Readers to Target Low-income Neighborhoods?

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In recent years, automatic license plate readers have become an increasingly popular technological tool in police departments across the country. In a 2011 survey, 71 percent of police departments reported they use license plate readers.

White House Looks at Ways to Reduce Incarceration

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A new report issued by the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers says mass incarceration is a failure when it comes to preventing crime. The report also looks at several ways to lower the nation’s prison population, including raising the federal minimum wage and boosting the number of police officers across the country.

Fitbit Evidence Clears Man Accused of Sexual Assault

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Being accused of any crime can stop your life in its tracks. When someone is accused of sexual assault, their life can be irreparably harmed, even if the charges are ultimately dismissed, or they are acquitted. Unfortunately, the public is often quick to assume someone accused of sexual assault is automatically guilty. Being falsely accused […]