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Can a Juvenile Court Order a Civil Judgement for Restitution?


Can juvenile court order civil judgement for Restitution In a bit of breaking news, the Indiana Court of Appeals recently held that restitution stemming from a juvenile delinquency adjudication cannot later be converted into a civil judgement. This is big for a few reasons.  Article Here. First, historically it has always happened. When a child […]

What are the Indiana Code Criminal Sentencing Guidelines


Indiana Code Criminal Sentencing Guidelines Starting in 2014, Indiana changed how it classifies felonies. Rather than the old A-D Class felonies, you can now expect Levels 1-6 for allegations filed after July 1, 2014. Here’s how the sentencing ranges work for old and new charges. Old Felony Classification (Before July 1, 2014) Murder: 45-65 years […]