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A Quick Overview of Indiana’s Prison System


The state of Indiana has 18 adult correctional facilities, consisting of minimum, medium, and maximum security levels. The Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC), which operates all state prisons, assigns offenders to a particular facility based on the nature of the offense, the offender’s criminal record, considerations of public and staff safety, the safety of the […]

5 Ways Criminal Trials Are Not Like on Television

Criminal Defense

If you’re a criminal defendant, watching a legal-themed television drama or movie may make nervous about your impending trial. You’ll be relieved to know that Hollywood courtroom scenes bear little resemblance to the real thing. Here are five ways that actual criminal trials differ from those on television. The criminal process isn’t brief. Most legal […]

COVID-19: What Happens if You’re Under Quarantine or Too Sick to Attend Your Trial?


The coronavirus pandemic has thrust the world into a period of unprecedented uncertainty. If you’re awaiting a trial or a court hearing, you probably feel especially anxious about what will happen if you or a family member become sick with the virus, and you can’t attend your court date because you’re too ill or under […]

How to Handle the Stress of an Indiana Criminal Charge and the Coronavirus Pandemic


Dealing with a criminal charge is stressful under the best of times. When you add the stress and concerns of the coronavirus pandemic, you might start feeling downright panicky. Here are a few tips for keeping these twin stressors under control. Limit your exposure to the news. Turn on the news, read a paper, and […]