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Five Mistakes People Make After an Indiana Misdemeanor Drug Charge


If you’re facing a drug charge in Indiana, you’re hardly alone. Drug offenses are one of the most common charges in the state. Many people who face these charges also have something else in common: they make mistakes after the charge, landing them in deeper hot water. Here are five mistakes to avoid after you’ve […]

Basic Rules of Court Etiquette as a Defendant


When you have to make an appearance in court as a defendant, it’s important to leave the best impressions possible on those who will be judging you. The judge and jury will be carefully observing you as they listen to and weigh the evidence. If you make a bad impression on them, they may be […]

How Economic Depressions Impact Criminal Behavior

Criminal Defense

How does an economic crisis affect criminal behavior? Economists and criminologists have debated the question for decades with no clear-cut answer. Popular wisdom assumes that hard economic times bring a spike in crime under the theory that desperate people will turn to crime more readily to illegal means to support themselves or out of frustration. […]

Why Do Some Released Offenders Continue to Commit Crimes While Others Stay Clean?


After being released from prison, the vast majority of offenders have difficulty staying on a law-abiding path. According to a 2018 U.S. Bureau of Justice report, approximately 68% of prisoners released from state prison in 2005 were arrested within three years, 79% within six years, and 83% within nine years. What accounts for this high […]