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What Happens When Children Are Witnesses to Crimes?

Criminal Defense

An 8-year old Indiana boy recently became the central witness to a murder when he allegedly witnessed his father killing his mother in their family home. The child told a school counselor that he had seen his father stomp on his mother’s head 20 times as she lay on the basement floor.  A few days […]

Arrested for Online Prostitution: What to Do Next?

Criminal Defense

In recent years, Indiana has seen an increasing amount of online prostitution stings. Undercover officers will pose as potential customers to target people, often women, who offer escort services, massage therapy, or dating services through online ads or websites. The officer will make contact with the person to set up a meeting, then after exchanging […]

Can Your Genetics Predict Your Likelihood of Getting Arrested for Certain Crimes?

Criminal Defense

It’s a question that has dogged criminologists for decades: might some people be predisposed to commit certain crimes because of genetics? Academic studies over the past decade indicate the answer is yes. In 2014, the journal Molecular Psychiatry published a Finnish study in which researchers studied the genetic make-up of roughly 900 criminals convicted of […]

What Are the Responsibilities of Having an Indiana Hardship License?


If an Indiana court or DMV has suspended your drivers’ license–for a DUI or other driving-related reason–you’re probably worried about how you’ll take care of your daily obligations without your vehicle. Fortunately, under Indiana law 9-30-16, you may be eligible to obtain a specialized license (formerly called a “hardship license”) that will allow you limited […]

Indiana Black Legislative Caucus Seeks Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal Defense

The Indiana Black Legislative Caucus, currently comprised of the 15 African-American members of the Indiana House and State Senate, called for far-reaching reforms to the state criminal justice system. In the forthcoming 2021 Legislative Session, the IBLC will seek to pass laws that ban no-knock warrants and chokeholds, decriminalize marijuana, and remove police officers from […]

Can I Get a DUI While Driving an Unusual Vehicle in Indiana?

Criminal Defense

You may think that if you’re riding a bike or a scooter in Indiana, you’re safe from DUI laws. Think again. In Indiana, the law treats cyclists, people riding scooters, and other “unusual” vehicles the same as motorists with respect to driving while intoxicated. If you are arrested for operating an unusual vehicle while under […]

How Domestic Violence Cases Have Been Affected by the Quarantine

Criminal Defense

As government leaders worldwide called for millions of people to stay at home to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, domestic violence experts warned that people remaining in close quarters under mounting stress would likely bring a significant rise in household violence. Unfortunately, these predictions came to pass. Since the start of the pandemic, […]

Forging Prescriptions in Indiana: What are the Consequences?

Criminal Defense

Drug prescription forgery is a growing problem in Indiana and throughout the United States. In Indiana, defendants will find themselves facing severe consequences if found guilty of this crime. If you have been charged with drug prescription forgery in Indiana, it is essential to contact an experienced Indiana criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. […]