How to Handle the Stress of an Indiana Criminal Charge and the Coronavirus Pandemic


Dealing with a criminal charge is stressful under the best of times. When you add the stress and concerns of the coronavirus pandemic, you might start feeling downright panicky. Here are a few tips for keeping these twin stressors under control. Limit your exposure to the news. Turn on the news, read a paper, and […]

What is Happening to Jury Trials During the Pandemic?


When you are in the middle of criminal court proceedings, or if you have a criminal trial coming up soon, you are probably wondering what exactly will happen with jury trials during the COVID-19 crisis. While many non-essential businesses have closed, the courts are still open. However, in an attempt to keep gatherings of people […]

Update on Indiana Courts and the Coronavirus


On March 23, 2020, Governor Eric Holcomb issued a stay-at-home order requiring residents of Indiana to stay at home unless they are at work or doing permitted activities like caring for someone, obtaining needed supplies, or for health and safety. He extended the order on April 6, 2020, leaving Hoosiers at home through April 20, 2020, in […]

How Indiana Criminal Defense Attorneys are Helping Clients Remotely


Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we keep hearing about “essential workers,” those with jobs that must continue to work while most of Indiana stays at home to slow the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Indiana’s government considers attorneys essential workers, and we are continuing to work for you. While Indiana attorneys can continue to go into […]

How Are Jails Protecting Inmates from Coronavirus?


With more than 3,100 cases of COVID-19 or Coronavirus in Indiana, safety is on everyone’s mind. If you have a loved one in the Indiana penal system, you may be wondering what Indiana is doing to keep inmates safe and healthy. According to the Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC), the IDOC and Wexford, the contracted healthcare provider […]

Do’s and Don’ts for When You Get Stopped for DUI in Indiana


Getting stopped by the Indiana police on suspicion of DUI can be stressful under the best circumstances. But if the police stop you after having had a drink or two, it can be downright frightening. To protect your rights after getting flagged down by the police, remember to follow these do’s and don’ts. DO 1. […]

How To Help Your Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney Help You

Criminal Defense

When you’re facing criminal charges, it’s smart to put your case in the hands of a trustworthy and qualified criminal defense attorney. But without your assistance and cooperation, it’ll be difficult for your attorney to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Here are five things you can do to help your Indiana Criminal defense […]

What to After You’ve Been Arrested for a Hit and Run


You were scared or confused and failed to stop after an accident in Indiana. Now you’ve been arrested for hit and run, and you have no idea how to move forward. Here are five tips for what you can do now to start making life better. Hire an attorney. It’s urgent that you speak with […]

How a DUI Felony Conviction Can Make Your Life Harder – and What to Do About It


An Indiana DUI felony conviction can impact your life in ways you’d never imagined. That’s why if you’re facing DUI felony charges, it’s crucial to find an experienced criminal defense attorney right from the start. The sooner you start preparing your defense, the better chance you have for a positive outcome and minimal impact on […]

Do Rideshare Services Decrease DUIs?


Drunk driving deaths in Indiana have been on a downward trend for the past two years. Could the presence of rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft have anything to do with this change? Possible. Some studies suggest that ridesharing services may help decrease incidents of driving under the influence. What’s the evidence? An independent […]