“I contacted John Razumich after having been arrested for “Disorderly Conduct” for not voluntarily exiting my vehicle when an officer requested to tow it illegally from a private parking lot after a traffic stop for expired tags. In a situation where I was stopped out of state, have no prior arrests, tried standing up for myself, I had my civil liberties violated by several Wayne County Indiana Sheriff’s Deputies who destroyed my personal video of the incident, treated me with complete disrespect, including making verbal comments concerning my marital status (single), using excessive force causing physical harm to my body (while I was not physically resistant at any point), ignoring local laws which were cited to the officers. Once in custody, several additional rights were violated of mine, including: Not permitted to call an attorney, even though I asked more than once; not permitted to make a phone call; given medical request forms in Spanish instead of English; etc. As a result of not being able to make any outgoing phone calls, I lost my job due to not being able to call off work. When I contacted Mr. Razumich, I had very few resources and less than 2 weeks before my court date. John was amazing! He took the time to really listen to me and processed my case, even though it was out-of-county. He worked with me on an affordable solution to my payment plan. I didn’t feel comfort trusting local representation due to the misconduct of the officers involved in my case. John was a breath of fresh air! Without his help, there would not have been a light at the end of my tunnel. He refused to be bullied by the “backwoods brotherhood” in Wayne County and provided me the representation I needed. I would definitely recommend John Razumich to anyone who is deserving of a good defense!”