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What’s the Difference Between Federal and Indiana Drug Charges?

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Drug crimes can be prosecuted either under federal law or state law. So what is the difference between state and federal drug laws and how they are prosecuted?

Even Where Pot is Legal, Getting High Can Still Get You Fired.

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In Colorado, where both medical and recreational marijuana is legal under state law, it would be reasonable to believe that sitting on one’s back porch smoking a joint at the end of a long day would be of no more consequence than drinking a glass of wine or cracking open a beer. No one, rightly, […]

A “Speedy Trial” Can Take a Long, Long Time

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It is a sad fact of our criminal justice system that the wheels of justice often turn very slowly. If you’ve been charged with a crime and you desperately want to clear your name and move forward with your life, every day, week, and month that goes by before your trial can seem like an […]