“I was brought up on assault charges and Joe Delamater came highly recommended from a trusted friend of mine. I decided to interview 3 lawyers and right off the bat, I could tell that Joe was my guy. As soon as I told him my story, he read the police reports and immediately started to strategize on how we could effectively fight the case. I got the feeling that Joe would turn over every stone in order to fight for me and my future. His vast experience as a prosecutor ended up being invaluable when it came to my case. He never over sold himself or made promises he couldn’t keep. He and his team’s communication with me was second to none. In the end, he got a result on my case that I could have never dreamed of. If you have a pending legal matter….go talk to Joe and his team. It was the one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and it has changed the trajectory of my life.”
— Ken

“I contacted John Razumich after having been arrested for “Disorderly Conduct” for not voluntarily exiting my vehicle when an officer requested to tow it illegally from a private parking lot after a traffic stop for expired tags. In a situation where I was stopped out of state, have no prior arrests, tried standing up for myself, I had my civil liberties violated by several Wayne County Indiana Sheriff’s Deputies who destroyed my personal video of the incident, treated me with complete disrespect, including making verbal comments concerning my marital status (single), using excessive force causing physical harm to my body (while I was not physically resistant at any point), ignoring local laws which were cited to the officers. Once in custody, several additional rights were violated of mine, including: Not permitted to call an attorney, even though I asked more than once; not permitted to make a phone call; given medical request forms in Spanish instead of English; etc. As a result of not being able to make any outgoing phone calls, I lost my job due to not being able to call off work. When I contacted Mr. Razumich, I had very few resources and less than 2 weeks before my court date. John was amazing! He took the time to really listen to me and processed my case, even though it was out-of-county. He worked with me on an affordable solution to my payment plan. I didn’t feel comfort trusting local representation due to the misconduct of the officers involved in my case. John was a breath of fresh air! Without his help, there would not have been a light at the end of my tunnel. He refused to be bullied by the “backwoods brotherhood” in Wayne County and provided me the representation I needed. I would definitely recommend John Razumich to anyone who is deserving of a good defense!”
— Stacy

“I have had the opportunity to work with John Razumich twice, once in 2009 and again this year. Both times, he was great about communicating the steps and timelines for each part of the process, and worked with me to make the experience affordable and successful. I would recommend John to anyone in the Indianapolis area looking for a criminal justice attorney — he is professional and helpful along every step of otherwise uncomfortable and impassable or confusing processes.”
— Valerie S.

“Everything about my experience with Razumich & Delamater was of the absolute highest quality. Being out of state and facing charges within Indiana, John did everything he could in order to make the process extremely smooth and easy to understand. He replies to emails and phone calls in a very timely manner and uses terminology that makes all of the more difficult legal jargon understandable. No one ever wants to go through ordeals in which they need the assistance of a lawyer, but having John represent me throughout all of this was a complete blessing. I will not hesitate to give him a very wide recommendation to others in the future.”
— Catherine D.

“Excellent attorney!! Reasonable rates, takes action immediately. If I ever have any legal issues in the future I won’t think twice about calling Mr. Razumich. Have you had issues with a poor attorney in the past who doesn’t get results? If so you need to call John Razumich ASAP!!”
— Ronald A.

“I had absolutely no idea where to start when I received a criminal charge against me. He set up a consultation and explained things in a language I could understand. Very professional and made things easy for me. I showed up and he handled the rest. Really great guy!”
— Michelle C

“It was such a pleasure working with Mr. Razumich. He has been nothing but professional, knowledgeable, and just awesome. His team was extremely informative about the entire process, He followed up with me on a regular basis, and replied to all my questions and emails in a prompt manner (which I greatly appreciated!). Without him, I’m not sure what I would have done. I highly recommend his firm.”
— Stephen D.

“John and his office staff were extremely knowledgeable. The work they did for me was done in a very professional and timely manner. In fact, they got things done even quicker than they had promised. I would very much recommend his services to a friend.”
— Jess L.

“At the beginning of this year I was stopped on a 50cc scooter for HTV for life so I was very concerned about my future. Mr. Delamater answered some FREE questions on Avvo which also led me to retain him as my attorney, he was able to get a plea of 3 days served and no prob. I have made a lot of poor decisions but contacting Joe was a great one. Thanks again Joe.”
— Ron H.

“I contacted Mr. Razumich with an issue I had 15+yrs ago that was still haunting me. He was extremely professional and very intelligent on how we could handle the matter. Just a few short months later he has cleared up my past. I highly recommend his services if I ever need his services again it is reassuring and gives me a content feeling knowing that I will always have him in my corner. I can’t express enough praise in this message. Let him handle the hard stuff!”
— John M.

“John is an incredible attorney! He has represented myself and another family member for multiple cases. He is literally always there night or day if you have even the smallest question. He goes beyond expectations to get you a better deal than you could even imagine. I have experience with other attorneys but none even begin to compare to the personal touch John adds to all of his cases. He made me feel like I was his only case and I don’t think you could ask for more in your representation. I would recommend John Razumich to anyone!”
— Heather O.

“I would definitely recommend Joe Delamater. He is absolutely a top-notch attorney and will be contacting him for further representation if need be. Don’t waste your time looking elsewhere, go get Joe.”
— Daniel

“Truly the best. I loved his professional demeanor right from the start and more importantly the follow through. I’ve had experiences before where the attorney will be quick to take your money and after that you would never hear from them again. John helped with a complicated interstate driving issue and i will recommend him to anyone that’s looking for a great attorney in IN.”
— Vinu K.

“I have had the opportunity to hire John Razumich twice now.  John has always been courteous, and very easy to work with. John makes it easy for the layman to understand just what is happening.  His advice and work has been exceptional. I would hire him again, I wouldn’t even think of hiring another lawyer. In my opinion, John is the best.”
— Paul H.

“Joseph is straight forward and trustworthy. The Life of my entire family has hung in a very precarious position and I am ETERNALLY GREATFULL by the grace of god he was brought into our lives. He is worth every penny! Joseph advocated for us relentlessly with the county prosecutor. We got a favorable result. Without his assistance, I am unsure we would have ever gotten any result. We had been turned away by 3 local lawyers. He is amazing…”
— Shelly R.

“John was a great help to me and my family during the whole process we went through. He was sensitive and empathetic to our situation. He kept us informed every step of process and helped us understand the expectations set forth by the courts. If we had any questions, and left a message, he always would get back to us in a timely manner. I felt confident and sure of our case and situation at all times.”
— Shirley N.

“I highly recommend John Razumich to represent you in your time of need! He is trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable, and kept me informed at all times. His professionalism is high level and always made me feel, as if i was his only client. I never once felt like i could not get in contact with him. John was either readily available, or was able to return my phone calls in 24 hours. He is a lawyer who cares about his clients more than about the business. I’m grateful for him helping get my life back in order.”
— Vinnie M.

“Mr. Razumich has been a really good lawyer to work with. His rates were reasonable, he was easy to contact if I needed help or had any questions, I always got a quick response from him, and I am also really grateful that either he or someone from his office went with me to every court appearance. I had thought of going through my case without a lawyer and I am so glad I didn’t. Thanks to Mr. Razumich, I was able to have a good end to my case. I would recommend anyone in need of a lawyer to contact him.”
— Derek J.

“I was an out of town citizen of New York visiting Indy for the 500.  Some unfortunate events took place during my stay and ruined the trip and my life for while.  I was facing some serious charges.  When I went home I made some calls to several attorneys.  After calling 4, Mr. Razumich stood out as the most professional and knowledgeable out of the group.  He walked me through my charges and told me what I could be facing.  He also told me my options and was realistic with me.  Mr. Razumich made the experience much more manageable than what I had originally anticipated.  After court hearings, I was handed a diversion sentence, which in my opinion was absolutely much better than what I was expecting, and my charges were dropped.  Do yourself a favor, if you’re looking for a criminal attorney in the Indianapolis area save time and call John Razumich.  He will guide you every step of the way and then some.  Great Experience.  Thanks John!”
— Alex N.

“Hired Joe to assist with what could have been a very messy divorce but thanks to his consultation with both of us it became a simple and amicable settlement. Would hire Joe again, though hopefully for something different!”
— Dave

“John Razumich represented me in a criminal case, in 2013. I found John to be a competent and outstanding attorney. I felt that he genuinely cares for his clients and has their best interest at heart. The best decision I made was having John represent me though the most difficult experience of my life. I will always have his number stored in my phone and recommend him to anyone in need of a Criminal Justice Attorney. Thank you John Razumich, you truly are an upstanding attorney at law.”
— Natalie M.

“John was very professional and a huge help in dealing with my situation. He was patient and very informative when discussing all options. Throughout this whole stressful time he was understanding and willing to help from start to finish.”
— John S.

“I want to personally thank John for all that he did for me in my recent case.  Being someone who has never dealt with the court system, I was terrified and uneasy about the whole process and John made it all very seamless.  He was quick to respond to any questions and thorough on all of his follow up.  I would highly recommend him if you are in need of an attorney!”
— Kelli L.

“John was a great lawyer to work with during a time of need for me. He was very calm and collected when I was not, and helped me with professionalism, kindness, and a sincerity that cannot be matched. I am not from the Indianapolis area, but will gladly utilize his expertise if I am ever in need of them again.”
— Brian B.

“Getting my driver’s license back seemed impossible. I was dealing with multiple indefinite suspensions and the hoops I was having to jump through just to gain an inch of progress with courts was overwhelming. Thankfully a friend of mine referred me to Joe Delamater. Joe’s approach during my consultation was refreshing. He listened to me and built rapport very well. His price was fair and his confidence in the court room demanded attention. GO GET JOE!”
— Jay L.

“Almost a year ago me and my ex got into some really bad ordeal regarding some procession during an on the side of the road traffic stop. We had no clue where to turn till we came across this amazing team of Razumich and Delamater. Razumich being the representing attorney made us feel at ease the entire way through start to finish of the whole process. He helped to get us the minimum requirement needed to save us and be heard completely. The secretary as well as council and great guiding skills and knowledge on court issues really made me so thankful for such amazing experience never being in the court system before. I can’t thank them enough for being so kind and making it more personalized in the quest for justice. I thank them immensely with the greatest gratitude thank you!!!”
— Katie S.

“I would HIGHLY recommend Joe to anyone that could benefit from his services.”
— Mandy A.

“I am very pleased with how John handled my case and advised me. He was very upfront and knowledgeable of what to expect and how the process works. I highly recommend John and would be glad to use him again in the future if needed.”
— Chuck S.

“Thanks, Joe Delamater you have done an amazing job on my case. I won’t go into much detail just know he and his team got the job done and I am very thankful with the outcome.”
— Regina J.

“Did everything to minimize and help out about my case. always on top. I highly recommend attorney Razumich.”
— Jan E.

“Mr. Delamater and his team did a great job representing my son. Me and family truly appreciates all the work they have done. What impressed me the most is although Mr. Delamater is no longer my son’s attorney, my son needed help on a few occasions and with no hesitation he was taken care of. Definitely gets my recommendation!! Thank you, Mr. Delamater!”
— Hope F.

“Words can’t really justify how appreciative I am of John Razumich. He made me feel comfortable from the beginning to the end of my case. He was Very knowledgeable and understanding. He replied to my emails and phone calls almost immediately, and never more than 24hrs later, he even called randomly a few times just to update and ask if I was doing ok or had any questions. (every phone call was good news!) The attention and respect he receives from everyone in the court house makes you feel almost invincible. He knew exactly how to handle my case and everything he said was going to happen, did!”
— Calieb H.

“Joe, has been our family’s attorney for a few years now. We have used him for various categories. Things I can day about Joe are He’s very responsive, he gets the job done, he makes himself available, he’s very clear he’s a genius. I like that Joe doesn’t beat around the bush, he doesn’t guarantee anything that’s not within limits. I’ve seen Joe in action and I can tell you that if you pick him you can make sure your getting your money’s worth. Not saying that your going to get your way either. But if any attorney is going to push boundaries for you, it’s this man right here. GO GET THEM JOE.”
— Roxanne

“I have needed the services of John Razumich, Attorney, several times over the last 5 years. John far exceeded my expectations on end results, impeccable follow-up with me and attentiveness, I was especially impressed and grateful with how John worked with the courts and its personnel. It became quickly evident he was well respected, known and liked. If you are seeking a highly skilled, attentive attorney John Razumich is that attorney. I can’t say enough good things about him and how he worked to achieve positive results for me and my family.”
— Robert G.