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Is Forgetting to Take Your Meds a Defense Against Charges?


Being arrested for assault or battery is stressful for anyone. However, if you have a mental illness, the situation could feel even more traumatic, especially if you forgot your medication. Is it any defense against assault or battery to say you forgot your meds, though? Here’s when mental illness may be a defense against these […]

What Could Your Child Be Charged With After a School Fight?


If your child gets arrested after a school fight, you’re probably worried about what happens next. What could they be charged with, and what are the possible long-term consequences? While the answers depend on the circumstances of each case, we can summarize the most common charges. Common Charges In Indiana, children under 18 can be […]

The Consequences of Violating Protective Orders in Indiana


If you have been named in a protective order issued in Indiana, you must abide by the stipulations set forth in that order. Otherwise, you run the serious risk of being sentenced to time in jail, in addition to fines, community service, and other consequences. This is true regardless of the reason the order was […]

Can Children Face Criminal Charges in Indiana?

Criminal Defense

In February 2022, a 12-year-old girl was arrested for allegedly torturing another girl at a sleepover and attacking her on a bus. She has now been charged with the adult equivalent of offenses, including aggravated battery and intimidation, which raises an interesting question: when can children be charged as adults in Indiana? Juveniles and Adult […]

Battery Charges: What Can Happen When a Teacher Hits a Student?


In March 2022, a now-retired Indiana teacher was arrested for battery and charged with a Level 6 felony after hitting a student in a school hallway. Surveillance footage shows high school teacher Michael Hosinski grabbing a student’s rucksack before slapping him across the back of the head, and according to the Baugo school board, the […]