Your Spouse Just got Arrested for a Crime: What Should You Be Doing Now?


If your spouse has been arrested, you might feel understandably shocked and frightened. After these initial feelings fade, it’s essential to take immediate action to help your spouse preserve their rights and get back home. Here are five specific steps to take. If you are present when your spouse is arrested. 1. Keep your spouse […]

Arrested for a Crime You Didn’t Commit: A 48-hour Checklist to Protect the Truth


Getting arrested for a crime you didn’t commit can be terrifying. But it’s important to stay calm: even while under arrest, you can take affirmative steps to protect the true story and rights. Here’s a short checklist describing how to protect yourself during the 48-hours post-arrest in Indiana. 1. Request a lawyer As soon as […]

Dealing with the Anxiety of Facing an Indiana Criminal Charge


It’s normal for people facing an Indiana criminal charge to struggle with anxiety. On top of facing an uncertain future, you may be feeling crushed by societal judgment, the disappointment of your loved ones, the fear losing your job, or the shock of finding yourself in this situation. Everything seems beyond your control, and the […]

How Do Different Prescription Medicines Impact Your Driving?


Drugged driving is a growing problem on Indiana roads. From 2016 through 2018, drugged driving arrests rose from 8 to 14 percent of all Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) arrests. Part of the problem is that many Indiana residents don’t realize that prescription medication can impair their ability to drive–and that it’s illegal to drive impaired […]

Timeless Lessons for Indiana Criminal Defendants

Criminal Defense

After being arrested in Indiana, many criminal defendants find themselves soul-searching, wondering how they arrived at this situation. Others become despondent and have a difficult time moving forward with a positive attitude. If you’re struggling to deal with your arrest, you may find encouraging lessons from the famous “Self-Reliance” essay of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Give […]

Urgent Do’s and Don’ts in the Hours Following an Indiana DUI Arrest


When you’re facing a DUI arrest in Indiana, you may be tempted to instinctively to defend yourself against the accusations or express your feelings. But you can make matters much worse by speaking or acting impulsively after an arrest. Although you may be itching to set the record straight, stay calm, and follow these three […]

What Defendants Can Learn from the 3 Major Indiana Crime Stories of 2019


When you’re a defendant in a criminal proceeding in Indiana, you find yourself plunged into an entirely different world. Suddenly, you have to become familiar with criminal justice procedure, certain legal terminology, and the various facts and factors that may be relevant to your case. To help you understand this world a little better, in […]

5 Ways to Help Your Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney Defend Your Case


A good Indiana defense attorney is instrumental in mounting a strong defense in a criminal matter and assuring that your side of the story gets heard. However, you play the most vital role of all in defending your case. Here are five key ways to help your defense attorney obtain the best outcome for you […]

Arrested at an Indiana College? What Do You Do Now?


College may feel like a world unto itself, but the law is still the law. Thousands of college students are arrested each year in Indiana, on charges ranging from liquor law violations to illegal drug possession to sexual assault. An IndyStar inquiry found that Indiana University ranks fifth in alcohol-related arrests and disciplinary actions among […]

Don’t Make These Social Media Mistakes After Being Arrested in Indiana


After being arrested in Indiana, life doesn’t go on as usual. You’ll have to be especially careful about how you’re perceived, whether in real life or online, to ensure that you won’t accidentally jeopardize your case. Unfortunately, some defendants don’t realize that the information they share on social media after an arrest can work against […]