Can Children Face Criminal Charges in Indiana?

Criminal Defense

In February 2022, a 12-year-old girl was arrested for allegedly torturing another girl at a sleepover and attacking her on a bus. She has now been charged with the adult equivalent of offenses, including aggravated battery and intimidation, which raises an interesting question: when can children be charged as adults in Indiana? Juveniles and Adult […]

Battery Charges: What Can Happen When a Teacher Hits a Student?


In March 2022, a now-retired Indiana teacher was arrested for battery and charged with a Level 6 felony after hitting a student in a school hallway. Surveillance footage shows high school teacher Michael Hosinski grabbing a student’s rucksack before slapping him across the back of the head, and according to the Baugo school board, the […]

The Insanity Defense


Most people are familiar with the Insanity Defense primarily from popular TV shows and movies. I’ll briefly review the history as well as demystify some common misperceptions about this affirmative defense. (I discussed affirmative defenses in an earlier blog, which you can read by clicking the link I’ve provided at the end of this blog). […]

What You Need to Know About Juries


Where did the idea of juries come from? Most people don’t know the origin of this important aspect of the legal system which has evolved into being a critical civic duty. The fact is that the concept of the jury has been around since the earliest form of civilization. Historic Overview Juries began as an […]

Affirmative Defenses In Indiana


Affirmative Defenses in a court of law vary from state to state. I practice in the state of Indiana and will provide an overview of what an affirmative defense means in the state. Then, I’ll provide a list of the various types of affirmative defenses in the state along with a brief description of each. […]

Legal Myths That Need to Die


Hollywood movies and TV shows, social media, a camera, and Internet access in every hand have all contributed to the rise of greater awareness and misunderstanding of the behavior of law enforcement officers and court proceedings. This notion sparked an idea. I asked listeners to our podcast, Closing Arguments, (the link is at the end […]

The Supreme Court: A Uniquely American Idea


It’s impossible to truly understand our nation’s history without an understanding of the history of the Supreme Court and its role in shaping public policy in every regard. I am licensed to present cases to the Supreme Court however I have never had a case that warranted being presented to the Supreme Court. I am […]

The Curious Case of The Hot Dog Man


This case is curious on so many levels: How it all began, how it ended up coming to me, how long it dragged on and, the end-result. The incident happened in June 2014 and finally reached a conclusion in February 2022. The case involves the owner of a hotdog cart, a junior hot dog cart […]

A Forgotten Landmark Case: The United States vs. Shipp – Part 2


Digging into historic legal cases is one way of learning how history gets made. The tragic case of The United States vs. Shipp pulses with important firsts yet is not studied in law school, nor has it been given any historical place in the courts or in the minds of citizens. I find this case […]

A Forgotten Landmark Case: The United States vs. Shipp – Part 1


I recently came across an historical criminal case which many criminal attorneys do not know about. This case still has precedential value today 116 years later. It is the only criminal case argued in front of the U.S. Supreme Court since the Supreme Court began over 240 years ago. This case is one that criminal […]