Drug Crimes

Protect Yourself Against Serious Drug Possession and Dealing Charges

Experienced Indianapolis Drug Lawyers Can Help Answer Your Questions!

If you are facing drug charges, an experienced Indianapolis drug lawyer can help you protect your legal rights.

Possession or Dealing charges are usually filed as a result of one of three circumstances:

  • You were in a car stopped for a minor traffic violation.
  • You were in a house that had drugs in it when the police arrived.
  • You were set up by a confidential informant.

No matter which one of those three circumstances applies in your case, the result was still the same: you were likely taken away in handcuffs. The lawyers at Razumich & Associates can help protect your rights.

Know Your Rights When It Comes to Indiana Drug Laws

Indiana drug laws can be very harsh and challenging to understand. It doesn’t take much more than circumstantial evidence for the State to charge you with an offense that can result in decades in prison. Fortunately, there is a significant difference between being CHARGED with a crime and being CONVICTED of it. When charged with a Drug Crimes Offense, you need an advocate at every step of the way to protect your legal rights. At Razumich & Associates, we have experience helping our clients to minimize their exposure to the possible penalties.

The Razumich & Associates Difference

We review every one of our drug cases to make sure that the police had a legal right to stop and search you. If they did not have the legal right to stop you, it may be possible to keep anything that they found from being used against you at trial. We make sure that anything we can do for your defense will be done.

Hire an Experienced Drug Lawyer

Possession and Dealing charges carry serious consequences. A guilty conviction can devastate your family, work, or personal life. The prosecution has years of legal experience on their side. You deserve an experienced attorney who knows how to fight for you. If you or someone you know has drug charges, contact Razumich & Associates today!