Indianapolis Narcotics Attorney

Narcotics Charges Don’t Have to Spell Disaster

The Experienced Indianapolis Narcotics Attorneys at Razumich & Associates Can Help

All narcotics charges are felonies and carry significant consequences. When charged with a narcotics offense, it’s important to understand your rights and proceed accordingly. At Razumich & Associates, we are experienced drug attorneys, and we can help you build a defense.

Convictions can cause serious problems when it comes to finding a job, money for school, or even housing. We help by examining the evidence the State has against you and aggressively challenging it wherever possible. For example, the state must present evidence of proper forensic testing and the chain of custody for the evidence before it’s admissible in court.
We will aggressively challenge any evidence not properly obtained.

Understand What You are Up Against

Narcotics arrests often rely on the work of a Confidential Informant. Confidential Informants are often criminals themselves, and extremely unreliable as witnesses. With the help of an experienced narcotics attorney, you can call them as a witness in court. This is a strategy that often exposes the natural bias involved and calls the informant’s credibility into question.

In some cases, it’s possible to be charged with narcotics possession after you have been arrested on another charge and subsequently searched. For example, it’s illegal to possess prescription medications if they aren’t in their proper pill bottle. We’ve handled several cases where our clients were arrested for a driving offense only to be charged with a felony for possessing their own prescription medications after being searched. Fortunately, those specific instances are usually easy to have dismissed (it usually just involves producing your valid prescription), but it shows how important it is to your defense to have an experienced narcotics attorney on your defense team.

No matter the circumstances, an experienced narcotics attorney can provide the aggressive defense you deserve.

What an Experienced Narcotics Attorney Can Do for You

If you find yourself up against felony narcotics charges, you deserve an advocate who will fight for your rights. Razumich & Associates will evaluate the circumstances of your case and work aggressively to defend you. An experienced narcotics attorney can prevent a devastating outcome.

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