Indianapolis Theft Attorney

Don’t Let Theft Charges Impact You Down the Road

An Indianapolis Theft Attorney Can Protect Your Future

If you or a loved one are being accused of stealing, an Indianapolis theft attorney can help you formulate a strong defense. Theft is considered a crime of dishonesty, and it can be difficult to find a job in the future with a criminal conviction on your record.

The lawyers at Razumich & Associates have experience helping people fight these charges. The circumstances of your case and the dollar amounts involved determine whether the case will bring misdemeanor or felony charges.

More on Theft Charges in Indiana

Theft is defined as knowingly or intentionally exerting unauthorized control over property of another person, with the intent to deprive them of its value or use. The threshold for a felony theft charge is $750.

An experienced Indianapolis theft attorney can help make sure that your rights are protected as you face theft charges.

Your Experienced Indiana Theft Attorney

Theft charges in Indiana are serious, but you are not completely without recourse. We can review the details of your case and discuss our findings with you so that you can better understand your options and what you might be up against.

If you came into possession of stolen property for example, it may help your defense if you were unaware that property was stolen. A great deal rides on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Theft charges may result from a momentary lapse in impulse. There is no reason to let this lapse in judgment impact the rest of your life. You deserve an attorney who will treat you like a person and remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. You deserve an advocate who will fight for your rights.

Contact the offices of Razumich & Associates today and we can help you through this difficult ordeal.